September 03, 2011

Counting Down To Blast Off!

So, the COUNT DOWN has begun! Officially. I mean, we've been "counting down" for a few weeks but we've all been so busy with everything I haven't even had time to get super excited or stressed yet. And I have to stress a little about leaving the country for 54 days - right? It just hasn't all sunk in. So counting down... 2 days, 8 hours and 36 minutes.

Here are a few random thoughts all fighting for attention in my frenzied mind:

1. Will my daughter survive without me? She'll have ALL of her Dad's attention. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Will I survive without them?

2. Did I think of everything? Did I think of all the right things? Groceries for the family at home. How many frozen pizzas will fit in my freezer? Clothes for all kinds of places, cultures and weather. But make sure it fits in a small carry on! What? Are you serious? Will 3 pairs of shoes be adequate? Why are shoes so big? They take up so much space! Sleep aids for nighttime, caffeine for daytime. Yikes! I'm totally breaking my personal "no caffeine" rule on this trip.

3. Do I have enough text for books? Shot lists for books, shot lists for families. Camera and video equipment. Passport. My life is in one small suitcase!

4. Will I have to eat bugs in Asia? Or Marmot(squirrel) in Mongolia? I must be brave. I'm going with an open mind... and an open mouth. :)

5. We are about to get our world rocked! And hopefully change the world a little in our own way.

6. This opportunity is a chance of a lifetime!

We have a dream. We believe in families and in children and we want to help them. Our vision is grand. It will take lots of hard work, lots of long flights and lots of sleepless nights. But I know we can do it. And, hopefully, I won't have to eat too many bugs along the way.

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  1. If you don't like bugs, you can always opt out for dog. Have FUN!!!!