September 05, 2011


Konichiwa! We made it to Tokyo! After a LONG flight (which surprisingly wasn't too bad) we arrived in the "Land of the Rising Sun".
It was a very tearful goodbye at the airport in AZ. Oh boy, I almost changed my mind about going! I'm excited to be here, I need to be here, but I will miss home so much!
Note to self: the LA airport is freezing cold! I needed my jacket before I ever even left the country.
We had sushi with our dinner on the plane. I wish my daughter and husband had been there to eat mine. :) I guess I better get used to sushi. Right?
We stopped several times on the drive from the airport to the hotel and took some great shots of people working in the rice fields. I loved this cute, TINY, old woman working in the field. She was seriously 80 years old. It was fun to stop and visit with her. Well, sort of visit. She didn't speak any English. Thankfully, Steve can speak Japanese pretty well. The language barrier will be a big challenge on this trip to 15 different countries.
We got checked into the hotel and then walked down the busy night streets to find dinner. We found a fun little restaurant and had some great authentic Japanese food. Like New York there are lots of fun restaurants and shops everywhere. I don't know what we ate. Steve just ordered for us, but nothing weird. :)
Time for bed. We're crammed into an itty, bitty room. Everything is TINY here. We are all exhausted. We've been up all night! We have a busy day tomorrow. We meet with our families and a school. Lots to do: so many photos to take, interviews to do, questions to ask, video to capture!
It will be a great day. I can't wait.

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