September 12, 2011

More Mongolia!

 Well, my plan has always been to just blog once for each country. However, I feel, perhaps that I owe Mongolia an apology. My blog from yesterday may have seemed negative. I was being honest, from my own perspective, this is a tough country to be in. But some may think I’m just a spoiled American girl. And I would have to admit that may be very true.
But another miracle has occurred in Mongolia. Today, we drove out to the Steppes: the beautiful grasslands of Mongolia to visit another family. They are the ultimate, classic, traditional Mongolian family and it was incredible! The miracle is they were exactly what we needed and we got every shot we wanted – plus tons more! They live in a Ger: the traditional home for Mongolians. Some may know it as a Yurt, but that is the Russian term and Mongolians don’t like it!
It was an incredible day with this family. They fed us homemade cheese, yogurt, biscuits and Khuushuur: meat dumplings. As I researched countries and prepared for this trip I had learned about Airag a very unique drink to Mongolians: fermented horse milk! Oh boy. Well, this family had it for us. We all tried it. I’m not sure how to describe it, except that it exploded in my whole mouth like fireworks! J We photographed this darling family, in their colorful deels (traditional clothing); cooking, herding sheep, milking their cow, riding their beat up motorcycle, gathering wood for the fire, and even jumping rope. It was a fabulous, fun day! 


  1. It is interesting that there really is a lack of vegitation there. Not much of anything in any of the pictures posted? Tells you a lot about our relationships with people if you can be in such humble circumstances and still have a "fabulous" day. Glad you are having fun and great experiences.

  2. Doug -- what are you talking about -- it looks like Arizona -- bare. :-)

    Kristen -- You were not negative yesterday. It was a very honest assessment. And we ARE spoiled here. So very, very blessed. I wish everyone could experience what you are right now so they could fully understand that.

    You guys be good over there and stay away from that fermented stuff.

  3. When I was reading the message about the first hotel in Mongolia I was laughing before you even said it was a house of ill reput. I've heard Ron tell stories about Siagon. Memories Gma Litta

  4. I'm glad the traffic feed worked for you. I can't imagine how that will be drastically changing diets every few days. Especially because the places you are going are so diverse. Oh and I hope the fermented milk exploding in your mouth was a good thing? It doesn't sound very appetizing.

  5. wow! sounds like a crazy place but with amazing people- which is what the world and this trip really is all about right :)And i also think you should stay away from fermented horse milk- gag