September 08, 2011

Ohhhh Tokyo!

Konichiwa. Tokyo has been awesome! The families wonderful, the kids amazing, the food tasty and the scenery spectacular! I'm just sorry we've only had a few days in this amazing country. If you visit Japan and have a limited amount of time ~ here are a few MUSTS for each visitor:

1. See the adorable toddlers out on walks in their strollers.

2. Visit the Ancient Temple Suwa in the cute little town of Yamanashi.

3. Walk around downtown. It's big and busy but I am astonished at how beautifully clean it all is.

4. Try Takoki: traditional dumpling with octopus. Surprisingly very tasty. (don't try Natto ~ fermented bean dish. Oh boy! I tried it and it was pretty nasty)

5. Meet these amazing, warm and happy people. That really is the best part. Better than any tourist attraction.

What a privilege it has been to be here and spend even a small amount of time with these friendly, generous people. I have loved being in their homes getting to know them; sharing food, stories, and laughter. And they do laugh a ton!
Next time, I will have to stay longer! Sayonara!


  1. Oh yum! Glad I didn't have to eat that! Looks so fun. I think Japan would be fun to visit. One of those ancient cultures that you can date the history all the way back! I think history makes some of the best trips even better! So neat!

  2. Ha ha! That wasn't actually James . . . which I bet you guessed, cause he doesn't ever get onto people's blogs.