January 15, 2014

I've Got a Home on the Other Side

My daughter sang with the BYU University Chorale last semester. At their Christmas Performance they sang “Hold Me, Rock Me” by Brian Tate. It is a beautiful song. As I listened to the words I was deeply touched for two reasons. One, my thoughts went to the Israelites as they camped on the Plains of Moab preparing to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land. 
They have been wandering, homeless, for forty years and now their Promised Land, their Promised Home, is on the other side of the river. Imagine how they must have felt as they prepared to finally enter that longed for, hoped for, dreamed of, anticipated Promised Land! Surely they were counting on their God, the God of Israel, to deliver them once again. Secondly, I was moved as I considered my own life and the journey that we are on here in mortality. We too have ahome on the other side.

“Hold Me, Rock Me”
Hold me, rock me, calm and easy
Hold me, rock me, deep and wide,
Hold me, rock me, in your arms
Oh, I got a home – on the other side

Hold me, rock me, calm and easy
Hold me, rock me, deep and wide
Hold me, rock me, in your arms
Oh, I got a home
Oh, I got a home on the other side

Someday, gonna cross that river
Someday, gonna set out on my own
Don’t know where my journey leads
But I’ll keep on walkin’ till I get me home

My life is a runnin’ river
Flowin’ from the mountains to the distant sea
I’ve walked many hills and valleys
But when I cross the river – I’ll be free

Hold me, rock me, calm and easy
Hold me, rock me, deep and wide  - Lord, hear my cry
Hold me, rock me, calm and easy - Lord, Lord, sooner or later I got a home on…
Oh, I got a home
Oh, I got a home… on the other side
The command to Joshua and the Children of Israel as they prepared to enter Canaan was be strong and of good courage.” As I have studied the Book of Joshua I have found 4 KEYS that help us go forth with strength and courage as we seek our home on the other side.”

1.  I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee” (Joshua 1:5) The Lord is there to guide and protect us. He will never break His promises to do so. Remember, if we have lost power in the Lord it is because we have moved away from Him - hence the powerful story of Achan. (Chapter 7)

2.      do according to the law” (1:7) Obey with exactness. The Children of Israel needed to be warriors like the Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon(Alma 53:20-21) as they journeyed to their Promised Land. And so must we if we are to find our “home on the other side."

3.      go and do” (1:16) Be like Nephi! J President Gordon B. Hinckley said “I don’t know how to get anything done except getting on my knees and pleading for help and then getting on my feet and going to work.”(Conference, Oct 1997) What a marvelous formula!

4.      Sanctify yourselves” (3:5) We must be worthy to have the POWER of God with us. Go to this link for a touching Mormon Message from Elder Holland about the importance of being sanctified. It is absolutely worth watching! https://www.lds.org/youth/video/sanctify-yourselves?lang=eng

We must remember as we go forward that, often, we must get wet first! As the Priests carried the ark and the covenant across the river they had to step into the water before the miracle came. (Joshua 3:15Because they were faithful and obedient it came! "...and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground.
We too must demonstrate the faith to go forward trusting that the Lord will provide the way. With these KEYS we can progress on our journey with strength and courage and find our “home on the other side.” 


  1. I have always felt inspired when reading Joshua. Wish I were in your class! And I wish I had heard Michelle sing this song. If you have a video of it, please post a link on your blog. Here's a good little choir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIV7cpbnU3E

  2. I also listened to several choirs on youtube but none sounded as good as BYU Chorale. Of course. :) I tried to post them to the blog but was unable. It is on a private site. I'll keep trying.