March 30, 2011

Spring Break

SPRING BREAK: lots of fun skiing/snowboarding in Utah

James with his darling Emma.

My Grandkids are the cutest in the world. I love this photo! Carden, Brooke, Rhead and Halle having fun in Nana's pool.

Me/Nana with Rhead & Brooke at the Zoo

March 16, 2011



Jaren led his team through an exciting season. We were anxious and excited for the State Play-Offs. We felt confident that we would do really well. 4 Games. Just 4 critical, single elimination games! Everyone is playing for their lives. You lose – you’re out!

Play-Off Game #1: Mt. View vs Mesquite. I wasn’t worried about this one. We easily won by 27 points! It was fantastic

Play-Off Game #2: Mt. View vs Corona. People said “This will be tuff. We beat them once but they beat us once.” I reminded them that Corona only beat us because that was the game Jaren sprained his ankle. Jaren is back and he and the team are playing better than ever. Sure enough, we killed them! We won by 25 points! Some were surprised. I was not.

Play-Off Game #3: Mt. View vs Buena. Again, everyone said “Oh, this will be close.” Because Buena was undefeated and ranked #1! However, they play in an easy region. Again, I wasn’t nervous at all. People were amazed that I wasn’t nervous. But, honestly, I felt so good and confident in the boys. Something inside me knew we were going to win it all. Even about half way through the season, I knew. I never spoke it out loud, because I didn’t want to jinx them or sound crazy. But something inside of me knew. And sure enough, poor Bueno was destroyed! We won by 27 points again!! They didn’t know what hit them. They walked off the court in tears. It was so sad!

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: against Brophy. Brophy is good! They play a lot like Mt. View. No one could predict a winner. Everyone looked forward to a CLOSE, nail biting game. I thought it would be close, but I still was so calm and knew we were going to win. What I didn’t
know, and what no one else ever guessed in their wildest dreams, was that we would beat them by 21 points! It was said in different articles that this was probably the most dominating run through a Play-Off series ever in Arizona history! We beat our teams by: 27-25-27-21! It was simply amazing. Our boys were awesome and play so well together. They truly are a team. Jaren was for sure the best player, but he was no hot-shot super star. He led and shined in such a subtle way. Even though he was almost always the high scorer or high rebounder he always made sure everyone was involved, everyone was shooting. I think that’s part of what makes him a great player. My heart swelled and tears filled my eyes as the buzzer buzzed and I watched Jaren celebrate, hugging his teammates and coach. Jaren and the other 3 starting seniors were whisked away for a TV interview. So cool. I’m just so proud of him, for all his hard work. He deserves the win! He deserves a spot on the BYU team! I’m just so, so, so thankful that his dreams are coming true and it’s because he has been willing to work so hard and make big sacrifices.