September 17, 2009

Day 5 Hawaii-Scuba Diving!

Day 5

SCUBA Diving!

Today was super fun! I love SCUBA diving and I was excited for Doug, Jaren & Michelle to go. We had to wake up really early: 5:45 am to catch our boat. We went out to Molokini Crater for our first dive. Molokini is a small volcano about 15 miles from Maui. It has a vast coral reef which makes for spectacular diving.After a mini Intro-Lesson for Doug, Jaren & Michelle we jumped into the water. Some of my photos turned out better than others. And some are from our SCUBA guide and his good camera. But nothing quite captures what it is really like being underwater with all the sea creatures. Awesome! We saw big sea turtles... lots of tropical fish... eels... sting rays...

And our guide caught an octopus! Doug & Jaren both held it! They let it go when it started to wrap it's tentacles around their necks and chest... just kidding, I mean around their arms! :) It was fascinating.

Our second dive was closer to the coast of Maui. We saw more turtles, eels, and tons of colorful fish. I was hoping for a shark, but no luck. It's probably for the best because I don't think Michelle would have done well with a shark!

After SCUBA diving we spent the rest of the day at Big Beach in Makena again. We had fun swimming and body surfing.

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