September 18, 2009

Day 9 Hawaii-North Side of Oahu

Day 9

Wow, time flies! Today we drove up to Nu'uanu Pali Look-Out. The road winds through the
hanging vines, bamboo, wild ginger and the thick jungle. The vines hung so low we stopped so Jaren and Michelle could swing through the trees dropping right into the convertable! Just like Tarzan & Jane. :)

The Nu'uanu Pali Look-Out is unique in that it is at the center of a canyon that cuts through the Ko'olua Mountians ~ which cut right through the middle of the island. You have stunning panoramic views of both sides of the island. And because this canyon cuts through these large mountains there are gale force winds that rush through the canyon and nearly knock you over. Or, we had fun leaning into the raging wind and the strength of the wind held us up.

There were fierce battles fought here anciently, again reminiscent of Book of Mormon battles.

From there we continued our drive down Pali Highway to the north side of the island: the quiet, cooler, wetter, greener side. Quite different than the bustling, toursit filled leeward side with Honolulu & Waikiki.

We stopped at a couple different beaches, finally settling on Waimea Bay. We never did find big waves- which the North Shore is so famous for. But we were there the wrong time of year. Wintertime brings the giant 50' waves. Oh well. We swam & snorkeled and we saw lots of fish again, another big sea turtle, eels and sting rays.

There were big lava rocks Jaren & Michelle climbed up and went of a pretty high one: about 25'. We swam out to a smaller clump of rocks and jumped & dove into the water. It was lots of fun. Then Doug & the kids discovered a tunnel under a bunch of rock. It took a BIG breath but I made it through. It was so cool. So everyone tried and made it. We went through a few times. We stayed & swam & snorkeled & jumped off rocks until the sun went down. We wanted every last minute ~ every last ray of sunlight that we could get on our last day on a Hawaiin beach.

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