September 17, 2009

Day 7 Hawaii-Last Day Maui

Day 7 Our last day on Maui. Very Sad! We spent some time shopping for souvenirs, but mostly we spent the day on the beach. We went down to Mekena ~ Big Beach again because we like the waves there and it is close.

We are sad to leave Maui. We have had so much fun here. We have loved the beaches, swimming, snorkeling, all the fish, and the beautiful scenery.

We are glad we've had the chance to come see this beautiful paradise ~ it is a bit of heaven on earth! We flew out at 5:00pm... here we come Oahu!

Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki... just one little island away from Maui but in some ways it seems worlds away. We arrived in Oahu and got our rental car and we got a convertable Mustang. Now, that's the way to drive around Hawaii. So fun! The kids were totally excited.

We checked into our hotel and then we went out to walk around Waikiki. Waikiki is filled with tourists: 10,000 hotel rooms crammed into dozens of skyscraper hotels. The streets are packed with people and shop after shop after shop filled with much of the same touristy memorablilia: T-shirts, candy, jewelery, grass skirts, leis, swimsuits, woodcarvings and postcards! The streets are also lined with restaurants, ice cream parlors, or the popular shaved ice. We decided that Waaikiki reminded us of New York City: crowded with shops & people ~ but also with palm trees. :)

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