September 18, 2009

Day 8 Hawaii-Poly Cultural Center

Day 8

Welcome to the Polynesian Cultural CenterWe drove to the complete opposite side of the island to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. As usual it was another picturesque drive with spectacular scene after spectacular scene! I was so excited for Doug, Jaren & Michelle to experience the PCC. It was one of my favorite things when I came to Hawaii as a teenager. I told them it was like Disneyland, but without the rides... but just as fun and entertaining.

First, we stopped at the temple, which is right next door. We were disappointed, as we were planning our trip, to discover that the temple would be closed for renovations while we were there. We really wanted to do baptisms. We have had such neat experiences going to the temples in places we travel. Next time ~ we'll just have to come back! :) But the temple grounds in Hawaii are, of course, amazingly beautiful.

We also stopped in at BYU Hawaii. We found the Assistant Athletic Director and the Basketball Coach. We had a nice visit with them. Who knows, it could be a fun option for Jaren. Then Doug & I would definitely have to visit often!

Then to the PCC where we spent the whole rest of the day. We were welcomed with a lei greeting. We visited all the different villages. Our favorite villages were: Tonga and Samoa. Both the guys that performed were hilarious ~ especially the Somoan kid.(above) The whole time we were cracking up. We were laughing so hard we were crying.

We played Maori games with sticks and balls, we danced the Hula, we learned how to correctly and perfectly crack and shed a coconut, and we did some spear chucking. And we loved watching the parade along the canal. It was hot so we ate lots of delicious fruity ice cream with fresh peaches and pineapple in it. Mmmm...

At 6:00 we went to a big, delicious all-you-can-eat Hawaiin Luau! We loved the fruit, the fish, the rice, the purple sweet potatoes and especially the Kuala pork! It is so good. Jaren especially loved the all-you-can-eat part! During dinner there was, of course, a show with singers and dancers. All in authentic, splendid Luau form. I loved that there was absolutely no alchohol served anywhere in the park and we started dinner with a prayer. After dinner we stayed for the big show in their new amphitheater: "Ha ~ the Breath of Life". It was very good. It was a long, fun, wonderful day. Just like Disneyland. :)

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