September 17, 2009

Day 2 Maui-Lahaina, Ka'anapali

Day 2: August 1

Today we drove to the west side of Maui. The west coast of Maui is lined with exquisite beaches and luxery resorts. First, we stopped in the quaint little town of Lahaina. King Kamehameha III made this the capital of his kingdom in the early 1800's. It soon became a stop for whaling ships where the boats could resupply and the sailors could get some R & R.

Lahaina was a popular port and still looks much the same as it did back then with narrow streets lined with old buildings now filled with shops, art galleries and boutiques. The old wooden floor of the Pioneer Inn (above) creeks when you walk on it and the walls are covered with old faded photos of sailors and ships. The best was the "House Rules" still posted in the lobby today with rules such as: "Women is not allowed in you room" and "If you burn you bed you going out" and "Only on Sunday you can sleep all day" :)

This is the giant Banyan tree in Lahaina. Planted in 1873 it's branches reach up to 60 ft high and it's canopy covers 2/3 of an acre!

From Lahaina we drove furthur northwest along the coast to Ka'anapali.

Ka'anapali is truly breathtaking in it's beauty and grandeur. Sweeping from Pu'u Keka'a(Black Rock) to Hanaka'o'o Beach, Ka'anapali offers a beautiful sandy stretch of beach lined with green rolling hills, golf courses, palm trees, shops, and luxery resort after luxery resort. The beach is lined with beautiful grassy lawns and a long paved pathway that stretches from one end to the other.

We walked along the path and looked at the grand resorts, we swam in the waves, we ate lunch(above having sweet, juicy, fresh pineapple) and we snorkled. We saw lots of colorful, tropical fish and this big friendly sea turtle (right).

Then we climbed up on Pu'u Keka'a(Black Rock) and jumped. It was an exciting 30 ft jump!

Before we left we "snuck" into the luxurious Westin Resort to swim in their huge, incredible pool with waterfalls, grottos, tunnels and waterslides. It was so fun! If I ever come back to Maui this is where I want to stay!

That night we went to Mama's Fish House. It was the best fresh sea food we've ever had. It was very expensive, but worth it. Doug & I at Mama's Fish House after dinner. (Right)

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  1. We have pictures of us in that same tree -- do you remember? I'm pretty sure we do. You should try to find that and put them side by side, that would be pretty cool.