September 17, 2009

Day 6 Hawaii "Up Country"

Day 6
Today we drove to the "up country" of west Maui. To the wet, lush and magnificently beautiful, green 'Iao Valley and 'Iao Needle.

Thick with rain forest, trees, vegetation, bushes, vines, flowers, and a river flowing through. But in all it's splendor and beauty it has a tragic history. It was here that King Kamehameha I battled and conquered the people of Maui ~ uniting , for the first time, all of the Hawaiin islands. King Kamehameha and his 1200 fierce & skilled warriors trapped the Maui warriors in this canyon. Finally after the 3rd day of bloody battle King Kamehameha was victorious.

But it is called the Battle of Kepamiwai, which means: "Battle of the Damned Waters" because there were so many dead that their bodies filled

the river and blocked the water. It is said that the river ran red with the blood of the slain. As we thought about this violent scene it reminded us of Book of Mormon battles.

From there we drove around the west coast of Maui. We have now driven the entire circumference of this island! It is another long, narrow, twisty road. Although not quite as long or twisty as the Road to Hana it is still filled with beautiful beaches & breathtaking scenery. Whoa-Jaren, watch that edge!

Another roadside stand with fresh, ripe, sweet fruit. Here we drank the coconut milk fresh, right out of the coconut! Mmmmm....

Eventually we ended up in a favorite spot: Ka'anapali Beach for more swimming & snorkeling.

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