July 06, 2015

This post is dedicated to my True Love ~ Doug. We have had the most incredible past week with our son’s wedding. We had all 5 of our children and their spouses in the Salt Lake temple. My heart is filled to overflowing! And I know none of it would be possible without him. I am so thankful for Doug. I am so grateful for a husband who understands my feelings as a mother and recognizes my needs & desires to be here with my children and grandchildren ~ at least for a few weeks.
 Hearts Locked in Love

Oh, how I love Paris, the most romantic city in the world
One would be hard pressed to challenge its claim
And yet, without my love, it isn’t the same
Its magnificent magic becomes miserably melancholy for me
Oh, how I love Doug, like the sun he lights my world
Seeds planted, blossoms grow, sunny days are spent
Children laugh and they cry, the years they came and went
His strong steady hands, his sturdy stable back, he is my rock and foundation
Oh, how the Pont de l’Archeveche’ holds hundreds of hearts
Brightly colored padlocks, declarations of devotion, glimmer on the railing
Holding fast to lover’s true love, endless, eternal and never failing
My heart is securely clasped, lovingly locked, and constantly committed to Doug
Oh, how Doug holds my heart like a lock upon the bridge
As waves ever gently roll his tender touch for me enfolds
His arms embrace, I’m always safe, my heart he ever holds
Hearts locked in love, on Parisian river railings, in warm pulsating chests, forever beating