August 13, 2011

Jump Rope Rhyme

So I found this great site through Twitter: I love that because I immediately started singing the Mama’s & the Papa’s song “Ain’t no one getting fat except Mama Cass”. I know her name is Cass but I grew up singing Cat. “Ain’t no one getting fat except Mama Cat.” She was always Mama Cat to me. So this web name made me start singing that old favorite.
Mamakatslosinit had a writing workshop about jump roping. I later discovered she was inspired by the Jump Rope for Heart organization which is associated with the American Heart Association. Jump Rope for Heart is a great program for kids and schools. Their motto is: “Learning how to take care of your heart, jumping rope, and helping kids with special hearts.” They raise funds for research. They work with scientists and health care providers. They are making a difference and saving lives. I was inspired so I decided to try out the Jump Rope Rhyme challenge. Hope you have fun jumping and I hope you have a healthy heart!  Here it is…

Write a poem about your childhood to the beat of a Jump Rope rhyme.
By: Kristen R. Sweeney ©2011

One, Two… live in a zoo
Monkeys jumpin’, fish a swimmin’
Don’t cry, you can try
You can try or you might die

Three, Four… fly out the door
Don’t be late, church is great
Don’t you sleep… dreamin’ deep
Preacher says your sins will keep

Five , Six… Legs like sticks
Like to play, lets play all day
Daddy is tall but Mama is small
Keep on climbing you’ll never fall

Seven, Eight… life is great
Homemade ice cream, Mama don’t scream
Kids who run, lots of fun
Daddy always has a pun

Nine, Ten… Let’s do it again
Some are winning, heads are spinning
Brothers, sisters my best friend
Now this game is at the end

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  1. Great rhyme. I miss jump roping as a kid - except when I got whacked on the back of my legs (or the face) by the rope. If I did it now, I'd probably die from exhaustion! LOL.

    (BTW, I have a weekly meme "Tuesday Night Poets." Come and check it out.)