November 04, 2011

A Mother's Love

We met so many beautiful and wonderful Mothers around the world. This is just a simple little poem I wrote with photos of some of my favorite moms... Some from far away and some close to home. I love them all.

A Mother’s Love
By: Kristen Rhead Sweeney ©2011

Mommies kiss and mommies hug
You know their love is true
With kind words and soft sounds
They whisper “I love you”
Gentle arms hold us tight
They never let us go
They watch us, oh, so carefully
As we learn and grow
 They teach us how to walk and read
They help us learn to run
 They read us bedtime stories
And play so we have fun
 Some moms are big and some are brown
And some have skin of gold
 Some have shiny hair of black
And some are sweet and old
 A mother’s touch is soft and kind
Their love they always share
 When mother holds you in her arms
You know how much she cares


  1. this is very nice

  2. Beautiful. No one else thinks we are as capable, wonderful and talented as our mothers do. What a nice tribute to the many great mothers we've known!

  3. Beautiful poem, beautiful pictures. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience you have had!

  4. Loved it. What a great writer you are! Mothers are so special and I am amazed at what Mothers really go through as I go through each new stage of Motherhood!!!

  5. That was sweet. Thank you Kristen. Some of those mothers you met around the world look familiar. I am thankful that i am a mother. Alisyn

  6. Mothers are wonderful indeed.