November 09, 2011

Look at the Books!

Before we begin taking photographs of our families we enjoy visiting with them first. Each family, even the most humble and poor, always have some sort of refreshment or drink that they generously share with us. This has provided us with some tasty and interesting food items.  For example dim sum in Hong Kong, rice deserts in Malaysia, cake & hot chocolate in Germany, baklava in Israel, Humus in Egypt and even fermented horse milk in Mongolia.
As we enjoy our treats with each family we share with them our goals and vision for this company. We explain what we would like to do as we take photographs with them. And we take the opportunity to show them our book. It never ceases to amaze me how they love our books! Country after country, family after family… the children love the books!
We show them the different pages “And we will have a book all about shapes.” The children grin ear to ear and look at the shapes.
“We will have a book all about animals.” The children giggle and get excited about different animals.
“We will have books all about children around the world – just like you.” They thoughtfully look through all the pages learning about other children.
Children in Egypt are fascinated by the children in Japan and Mongolia. The children in Israel are fascinated by the children in America and Germany. And on it goes. They love seeing children just like themselves living in faraway places. They begin to realize that, although other children live in quite different circumstances, they are very much the same.
This is exactly what we want to teach and share with the world through our books. It is exciting to see it happening a little bit at a time already! 

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  1. so will we actually buy these? just through the E3 website? are you putting them on Amazon (lots more traffic)? at any brick and mortar stores?