March 18, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring Break!We had lots of fun in Utah for Spring Break. We skied, snowboarded, went to movies, played games, stayed up late, ate good food... It was great to meet up with Owens and other friends from the ward. Here is Katie, Michelle, Hillary & friend Kristin Smith.

Jaren had fun skiing with friends from school.

Jaren riding up with Nick & Nate. They thought that was pretty cool.

This is what the married kids get to do while riding up the chair lift! ;)

A few jumps: (It was the end of the day & we were running out of sun light & I was running out of camera memory! So of course, it was complicated & I didn't get the best jumps. But here are a few fun shots...

1. James

2. Jaren

3. Mike

4. Erin

Fun Doctor Visit:

It's a Girl! A sweet baby girl! So fun!!

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  1. Way too fun skiing -- so jealous. And look at that cute little tummy. Nana 2 is on the way.