March 10, 2009

Young Single Adults 2009

Old Bishopric. We will miss them!

This is at our semi-annual tradition of crepes with the YSA's after Stake Confernece. The crowd grows a little each time. Word is getting around how good our crepes are! ;) We made 18 batches of crepes this time!

Lots of wonderful, hungry Young Single Adults.

New Bishopric: We look forward to a great experience. Doug is very excited.

Doug, Jeff Rogers, Karl Hiatt


  1. 18 BATCHES!!!! holy cow. marin and i were just saying last sunday how good crepes sound. we don't eat them very often anymore...

    congrats dad on staying in the new bishopric.

    how come i can click and enlarge some pictures and not others? (the 2nd and 3rd get bigger for me, the others don't)

  2. That IS a lot of crepes. Hope YSA is paying for that. ;) Doug looks like a kid next to the other two in the Bishopbric. Way to stay young Doug.