August 01, 2008

End Day 5 Arrive in the Big Apple

End of Day 5...

New York City!

After a full day of driving with stops at Fort McHenry & Philadelphia we arrived in the Big Apple that evening. Jaren & Michelle's first observation, while driving around, was all the traffic, all the taxi's and all the honking!! HONK "What the heck are they honking about!?" Jaren asked. HONK-HONK "Usually nothing ~ everyone just honks ~ like to say 'hey get out of my way!'" HONK-HONK. "That's stupid." Jaren logically concluded. HONK "Omigosh! Make them stop honking!" HONK-HONK-HONK! "Welcome to New York" I enthusiastically replied. : ) We checked into our hotel and headed for the streets of NY.

The next thing Jaren & Michelle quickly noticed, as soon as we were on the streets, were: 1. all the people and 2. all the cigarette smoke. I have concluded, after having taken all 5 of our children to many big cities around the world like NYC, DC, Paris, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, that my kids are not big city folk. :) They don't like all the crowds, the noises, the smells. But we do love visiting these exciting cities.

Jaren did fall in love with one thing in New York...


Jaren had Pizza somewhere, somehow everyday we were in NYC.

Back to the hotel by midnight. End of Day 5.

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