August 04, 2008

Day 8 Lady Liberty & A Phantom

East Coast Trip: Day 8

The Statue of Liberty

One thing that has been very different on this trip compared to our last trip is all the security. In DC and New York all the tourist sites have very tight security; police officers in full gear, long lines, check points, metal detectors, x-ray scanners, etc... And now, no more climbing inside the Statue of Liberty.
But she still stands tall, proud and majestic overlooking New York Harbor eagerly welcoming all to our great country.

We took the Ferry out to the Island to visit the great Lady Liberty. She was a gift to the United States from the French to commemorate our 1876 Centennial Celebration.

She stands, both literally and figuratively, as a beacon of hope and freedom from oppression.

Our view of Manhattan from Liberty Island.

The biggest change on this trip compared to our last: The New York City Skyline

James, Justin & Ashley 1999

On the Ferry ride back to Manhattan

Jaren & Michelle in 2008

Same Ferry ride...

this time a stark difference with the obvious absence of the Twin Towers.

From the Statue of Liberty we walked around South Sea Port Village, Wall Street, took the Subway to Grand Central Station...

the NBA Store ~ Jaren loved it.

And the United Nations.

That night another Broadway show: A classic ~ one of my absolute all time favorites: The Phantom of the Opera! It was supurb.

I love the old yet beautiful and ornate theaters in New York and the talent is incredible.

Phantom is the longest running show in the history of Broadway. I have seen it many times and still, every time, it makes me cry.

This was our last night in New York. The kids can't imagine how people actually live here and put up with all the noise & crowds & smells. I told them they just get used to it. Jaren said "I could never get used to it." I told him he better be careful, if he said too much he would jinx himself and would get called to Beijing or Hong Kong on his mission: someplace even more crowded, noisy, & dirty with the smells of raw fish like Chinatown! :)

In spite of the crowds, noise and smells ~ or actually, maybe because of them and all they represent; the different cultures, different foods, different people... I will always love New York.

End of Day 8

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  1. you're already going crazy with this stuff!!! you've done more in two days than marin and i have done in a year!

    looks great...this will be fun to have!