August 08, 2008

Day 12 East Coast-Love Kirtland!

East Coast Trip: Day 12

We love Kirtland. Many significant events in church history occurred here. There were more heavenly visitations and more revelation given in Kirtland than any other place in the early years of the church.

While still in New York the Lord told the prophet Joseph Smith

"... go to the Ohio; and there I will give unto you my law; and there you shall be endowed with power from on high." (D&C 38:32)

I imagine Joseph didn't completely realize the powerful and eternal significance of what was to come in Ohio.

The Newel K. Whitney Store~ the Whitney's were a wealthy family and new faithful converts to the church. Joseph & Emma lived here for a little over a year. It was here that Joseph received about 20 divine revelations. The School of the Prophets was held in a small room upstairs where many sacred events and heavenly visitations occurred. It was a very reverent place to be.

Jaren & Michelle enjoyed playing around in the Chagrin River where many of the new Kirtland saints were baptized. It made them thankful for the warm water filled baptismal font they were baptized in. It was such a beautiful area. No wonder the Saints gathered here.

The temple is also beautiful. Although our church does not own or operate the temple there is a sweet spirit there but nothing like the other church history sites. It is interesting and sad to us that the reorganized church has merged with another church and in so doing willingly sacrificed many important church doctrines and scripture.

But this temple is a sacred place. At the temple dedication, on April 3, 1836, the Savior appeared, as well as ancient prophets, restoring priesthood keys and sacred sealing power.

From Kirtland we drove south to the Morley Farm. The Smiths lived there for about 6 months and the Prophet received many revelations. It is a beautiful, peaceful and quiet place~ surely an easy place for the Lord to speak and the Prophet to listen. We walked up the path through the woods. It is like another Sacred Grove~ sacred, indeed, as Heavenly Father and the Savior appeared here also. It was here that Joseph Smith prophesied "Brethren.... you know no more concerning the destinies of this Church and Kingdom than a babe upon its mother's lap. You do not comprehend it... It is only a handful of Priesthood here tonight but this church will fill North and South America ~ it will fill the world."

We reverently sat on a log at the site of the small log school house where many priesthood meetings were held and such sacred events took place. It was a humbling experience for us as we sat amongst those trees. Just as the early Saints could not comprehend the future of the Church, I am sure we do not entirely comprehend our future~ as Saints, members of His Church. I am sure we do not fully comprehend the Celestial potential and Glory within us and available to us if we live worthy. In this busy world we live in it is challenging to keep that eternal perspective. At times we may find it difficult to remember who we really are and the great blessings that are promised us if we are steadfast and faithful. That is why I love this trip! That is why I love bringing my children to all these places. Places that are sacred and powerful and remind us of our great heritage AND our great potential and destiny.

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