February 28, 2013

Say Cheese!

Have you ever taken a photo of a three year old? You know how it goes: Say cheese! Smile. Wait, look here at the camera. No, look at me. Try again… you get the idea. Making sure everything works just right is like making sure the stars are aligned perfectly.  Get the three year old to look at you, make sure your camera is in focus, make sure the lighting is right, now get the toddler to smile… oh boy. Well, try taking a photo of 5 toddlers!
I had this genius idea (right?) to have the kids take a picture to send to Jaren in Argentina for Christmas. I made a page for each child to hold with a word that, all together, said “We love you Uncle Jaren.” All they had to do is smile and hold their paper. Ha ha . Add a prop and just add more complications to the challenges already listed above = Disaster? No, just hilariousness!!

So, here’s how it went…

Uhhh, Rhead & Halle I need to see your faces. Carden make a HAPPY smile. Emma, I can’t see your sign. Let’s try again…

Oops, Rhead your sign is upside down. Halle why are you sad now? Try again…

Okay, wait, Carden open your eyes. Rhead I can’t see you. Brooke what ARE you doing? Emma, turn your sign up and look at Nana

Oh my goodness! So close! That’s good kids. Everyone’s page is actually the right way. Now, just look at Nana and smile nice. Make a happy smile. I know we’ve done it 100 times, but just one more time with a big smile and we’ll be done. I have skittles for you if you smile!!

Okay, I guess this is the best we get. Ha ha. Not sure which is best. We were cracking up! Say Cheese!!

But the WINNER of making me giggle when trying to get a picture is Halle. I have several sequences of photos with her before we get it right. I love them all! But, this is my favorite, at the BYU basketball game with Papi… J


  1. Cutest grandkids ever.

  2. haa haaaa THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the faces. I think it is funny that they are all not smiling with their teeth in the last picture with all the cousins!!! haa haa!!!

  3. Ha I know, I think they actually have a Skittle by then. :) funny kids