August 08, 2012

Oh My Sister, You're Getting Old!

My sister turned 50 years old this summer! It’s quite a milestone. Half a century! Five decades. 18,250 days! That’s a lot of days to either get things right or get them wrong. Thankfully, she has spent most of those days getting it right. 

Her birthday has caused me to reflect on a couple of things. FIRST: getting old and SECOND: Sisters. While I truly appreciate and am eternally thankful for sisters I am still trying to fully appreciate getting old.

I haven’t quite figured out how to lovingly embrace Middle Age.
Bob Hope once said “Middle Age is when your age starts to show around your middle.” And Bette Davis said “Getting old isn’t for sissies!” 

As I seem to be more forgetful, my back aches more often, my knees creek and I continue to find grey hairs I realize How True It Is!

Notwithstanding the difficulties of getting older, I am thankful I have about a half a century of great memories with my sister. I am blessed to have 5 AMAZING sisters. We are blessed to, not only be sisters, but to be the best of friends. Sisters share a special bond.  A bond almost greater than any other human bond. They share bedrooms, boyfriends, secrets, clothes, joys, heartaches, triumphs and tears. It is because of their special bond that sisters survive the many experiences throughout life. 

How thankful I am for my sisters.


  1. Thank you Kristen. You are truly a wonderful sister. (I still say you should have been the oldest.) I love you!!

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  3. Kristen, I love all the comments about your sisters. It makes me feel so proud and happy to think I had a small part in all of your lives. Love, Mom