May 17, 2011

A Few Favorite Places in Central & S. America

Argentina! 2 1/2 incredible weeks traveling and meeting the people. Oh, we miss Argentina. We miss the Asado's, dulce de leche, Florida street, the Tango, empenadas and more! We don't miss matte. Well, some do but not me. They could always get the grass clippings from the lawn mower and mix that up.

Go Boca!!
Iguazu Falls: on the Argentine/Brazilian border makes Niagra look like small potatoes! Took an INSANE boat ride to the foot of the falls, "You want go in more?" the little Argentine boat driver would ask in his broken english. We were sopping wet, but we all laughed and screamed "Uno mas! Uno mas!" Hiking through the jungles and seeing the falls from every angle, it was like being in an Indiana Jones movie.

Peru! Darling, kind, generous and TINY people and Llamas everywhere. We kept quoting: "Llama face." and "Oh, good, I'm a Llama again." :)

Then on to the lost city of the Incas: Machu Pichu. Words cannot describe. Awesome, magnificent, majestic, ancient .This time we went back in time 1000’s of years.

Palanque, Mexico. We loved this spot! Ancient Mayan ruins hidden deep in the jungles of southern Mexico.
Agua Azul - Mexico. A hidden paradise! We had never seen such beautiful, crystal clear blue water.
Teotihaucan. The golden city of the Aztecs. We climbed to the top of the Temple of the Moon. Then a few thousand more steps up to the top of the Temple of the Sun!

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