July 29, 2008

Day 2 Washington DC

East Coast Trip: Day # 2

Thanks to Jeff Flake, we had a "private" tour of the Capital. We were glad to go through the "secret" underground tunnels and avoid the long lines. The Capital is a huge, amazing and beautiful building. More like a museum than Government building. Jaren & Michelle loved the story of how John Adams could hear the whispers of the Democrats who sat on the other side of the room. Then, it was lots of fun as we tried it for ourselves and could hear eachother through the crowd across the room.

Michelle our avid reader and book lover was excited to go to the National Library of Congress! Even as much as she reads, I'm not sure she'll be able to read them all. : ) There are about 20 million books kept in the Library of Congress. At least she has a good start.

This building was simply stunning with its beautiful architecture, exquisite art and ornate details. We felt like we were in Versailles again!

Arlington Cemetery is always a sobering and humbling experience. Tombstone after tombstone, row after row, hundreds and hundreds of graves filled with men ~husbands, fathers, sons, brothers who gave their lives defending our freedoms.

Always neat to watch the changing

of the Gaurd at Arlington Cemetery.

Back at the White House. We were fascinated as we watched the gaurds, in full military uniform with machine guns in hand, pace the roof of the White House. Then...

it was exciting to watch President Bush arrive from Andrews Air Force Base and land right on the lawn!

We had to stop and feed Jaren often. : )

Five Guys Burgers! Big, juicy, greasy, fattening and delicious.

End of Day #2

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